About Us

Opened in 2007, The Club Brasserie is located on a pedestrianised riverside site with a wide boardwalk overlooking the River Lee. Beyond the modern glass-fronted exterior, lies a stylish high-ceilinged interior, with aged parquet floor, framed mirrors lining the walls, chandeliers sparkling above the tables and wall-bracket lamps, reminiscent of a stylish Parisian restaurant.


Our inventive menu changes regularly based on what is available locally and the emphasis is on fresh and delicious takes on modern classics. In this age of often unnecessarily fussy food, The Club Brasserie offers high quality, unpretentious dishes that are both comforting and delicious.

The food is true brasserie food, wholesome, fresh, well presented unfussy and really appetising.

Harold Lynch and Beth Haughton have been in the restaurant business for many years, previously having had Harold’s in Douglas. Beth is mainly front of house but they are both chefs and known for their commitment to quality ingredients, sourced locally where possible – and for cooking unfussy food with style. Our menus offer a zesty take on a range of modern classics and many dishes are well-suited to appearing under various guises at different times of day.